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We offer hot fitness for everyone

We have one goal: to make you sweat! We will inspire you ​to aim high, ​to push past ​their ​self-imposed limitations​, to do better than your best​.


You're in and you're out!!! The quickest way to improve fitness. Using our infrared heaters just like sitting in a sauna but with the extra benefits of exercise. You will activate stubborn FAT and get your metabolism firing.


Sweating releases endorphins that make you feel amazing + detoxification, improved skin tone, stress relief, and improved blood circulation. Build muscle and destroy fat with our Sweat Cycle , Sweat Pilates and Sweat Fitness Classes.

Feel your best and experience the difference!!


Heat training is a game changer to help maximise your athletic performance, melt away stubborn fat, charges up your metabolism and creates focus of the mind. By introducing the cycle bike to our hot room we have created the most effective and efficient group workout available. Training in the infrared heat above 30 degrees with all the benefits of a infrared heated sauna plus mixed with the extra benefits of exercise. This class will transform your body and mind.

30 min 900 cals can be burnt .


Visit us today​ and begin your transformation!​