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About Us

Hot Temple is the world's first Infrared Heated Gym, offering Hot Ride, Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Fitness, and Hot Strength classes. It's a revolutionary experience that will get you fit quicker than any other product on the market today.

Our classes take place in our infrared heated studios, making you sweat like never before. The infrared heaters emit infrared waves that penetrate deep into cells and tissues, heating you from the inside out. This deep penetration provides the most effective detoxification, helps release endorphins that make you feel amazing, improves skin tone, relieves stress, and enhances blood circulation.

Our classes have been designed by highly qualified teachers and athletes with years of experience in health and fitness, yoga, and extreme sports industries. The classes range from high intensity, high resistance, and high heart rate to slow, flowing meditation. Hot Temple provides a balanced approach to health and fitness by pushing your physical limits while also developing a solid mind-body connection.

Our classes are designed to provide the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time possible. You're in and out quickly, making it the fastest way to improve fitness, activate stubborn fat, and get your metabolism firing.

"You just have to try it."

This is something our members say often to anyone who hasn't tried Hot Temple. Once you do, you'll want more! Try it for yourself today and truly feel the benefits.

Our Story

The Hot Temple concept was created by siblings Emma and Matt, who have both been competing at the highest level in triathlon since a young age and moved into the health and fitness industry for work. When Emma qualified for the World Championship for Ironman Triathlon, she had to prepare herself for a race in Kona, Hawaii. With temperatures ranging between 31 - 35 degrees and humidity at 67%, it's considered one of the world's toughest one-day endurance events.

Living in Ballarat and training for this event in winter wasn't ideal. Emma had to think outside the box, so she purchased a sauna and put a wind trainer in it to begin training for the ride. She had never been fitter, leaner, or felt better than she did during this time. She shared this experience with her brother Matt, and together, with a lot of research, they developed the concept of Hot Temple.

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